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I’m so angry.

I’ve realized that I am the kind of girl who requires a lot of attention and passion. Now, im not asking you to be 100% focused on me 100% of the time. But when you’re with me, hold me, kiss me, tell me im beautiful… A simple “I love you” goes a very long way with me. Being a passionate person myself, I seem to feed off of passion from my lover. It’d be difficult for me to be with someone who doesn’t express this very often, I’d get bored really quickly. We should never let our partners feel anything but loved and special. That little butterfly feeling you get when you think of them should never disappear.


Everything you love is here


Everything you love is here

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this catfish show make me sick son… like this girl was photoshopping her pictures bc she thought she was too fat and dude sent her a fake pic bc he thought he was too fat. now she dont like him because he fat like she fat. she fat. bitch u fat. u a fat bitch and now u dont want to love somebody because they fat. like u.



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